Thursday, June 3, 2010


I made this dress this week. Well...I made most of this dress. And I thought I was being really thrifty and clever, making it out of an old sheet that was the most lovely shade of green...
Then I put it on. And Mr Millicent Crow said "Hey, that looks like the Pak n'Save uniform! Or like you're a doctor, and you made your own scrubs!" And he was right. It hung terribly, was all wrinkly, was too big and clung in a weird way at the bottom of the pockets. You could tell it was made out of an old sheet, and not in a good way. It brought back memories of working in a supermarket and having to sign a form to get your belt to go over your uniform issued to if you'd steal the hideous thing. So, Burda 8706, I won't be making you again. At least I put the zip in relatively straight...the second time!

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  1. What a disappointment about the green dress! Sewing can be like that.

    Well done with the interview - it is very interesting. Really makes me want to see your stall.

    I really like the ginko drawings.

    I discovered a lovely little church in Warkworth when I was there yesterday and have taken a couple of photos to show you.