Monday, July 26, 2010

And another one

You know those posters that are in staffrooms everywhere, the ones that say something like "teamwork" and have a picture of a circle of people skydiving together? Well I want to make one that says "patience" that has a picture of a person knitting a garment from another garment that they are simultaneously unravelling. Inspiring? Hmm. I think it takes a lot of patience to undo something that isn't working out and remake it, and I just didn't have that kind of patience when crocheting this scarf. I got a bit distracted when I was making the initial chain, so it got incredibly long, then I didn't notice for ages and ran out of wool, then I had to change the pattern, then I ran out of wool again and had to sneak in some of a different colour...

So here's my impatient monster scarf that will touch your knees if you drape it round your neck!


  1. Wow, it's a scarf that's also a metaphor. Those are the hardest kind to accessorise. I'd definitely wear it though.

  2. Yeah, those metaphorical accessories can be a bit tricky. This one's spoken for but I could whip you up one that is a metaphor of your choosing!