Monday, February 14, 2011

Crossing the ditch

We're off on a fleeting Melbourne adventure next month; I will be selling my wares at the Rose St. Artists' Market in Fitzroy on the 26th of March and Mr Millicent Crow is hopefully going to be playing a show and is definitely going to be having a birthday.
We lived in Melbourne briefly about 4 years ago, and while we had lots of great times, it was quite stressful, so it will be lovely to go back on business/holidaying. So far on the menu we have: eating stuffed mushrooms and drinking wine at the Wesley Anne, swimming at Brighton, boating at Studley Park, taking in the Gustave Moreau exhibition at the NGV and a children's book illustration exhibition at the State Library, gelato in Carlton, finally going to the Exhibition Building and lots of wandering around. And lots of photos - when we lived there we didn't have a digital camera and most of our photos from that time seem to be out of focus shots of cats!

Pictures are from Cedric Flower's Picture Book of Australia When... which is a bit of a dubious history of Australia but does have some great pictures.

Do you have any cheap and cheerful Melbourne recommendations?


  1. The botanic gardens! there are some pretty awseome plants your camera would love x Jessie

  2. Ooh, good suggestion, thanks! I never made it to the Botanic Gardens when I lived there...