Thursday, December 1, 2011

My creative space

The other day I fired up the gocco:
Printed and printed and printed:
Printed some more:
And made these:
The colours remind me a bit of willow pattern
The lounge floor was so covered in prints that I had to make a little pathway for the cat to get through! How about you, what have you been making? Got any crazy production lines going on at your place?

To see lots of other people's creative spaces pop on over to the "our creative spaces" blog.

Hope you're having a good Thursday.


  1. I had go Google Gocco. I'd never heard of it before--now I have a whole lot to read up on! The seashell prints are lovely--I find much inspiration in our nearby shoreline, too.

  2. love the prints, color and design! no crazy production lines here just a crazy, messy crafting home. I've successfully expanded into every room in the house!