Monday, January 9, 2012

Out of season Xmas decorations and leaving town

I happened to be in town bright and early this morning, so I had a bit of a wander with my camera. I'm not much of one for Xmas decorations (although my bedroom is currently festooned with Millicent Crow flags, a bit of a failed experiment) but I did admire these giant chains draped across High Street:
And these doves flying down Durham Lane:
towards one of my favourite buildings in Auckland:
But see that gloomy weather in the background? I'm going to try to escape it, and I'm heading down to Dunedin tomorrow morning. I'm hoping for a nice cup of Modaks coffee, a wee bit of op shopping and perhaps some albatrosses. Oh and this show! Got any Dunedin recommendations for me?


  1. I too wandered around Auckland this weekend, cloudy but the buildings are amazing in the hidden corners. I can recommend Circadian Rhythm for delicious indian food with great atmosphere and service. If you are op-shopping make sure you get along to the Habitat for Humanity store. The early settlers museum is pretty amazing too. Love Modaks too!

    1. Thanks for the recommendations! I had food from Circadian Rhythm two days in a row and it was deeelish!