Thursday, July 19, 2012

My creative space: Printed pouches

 Remember this fabric I printed a couple of weeks ago?  I chopped it up and I've been making it into yet more pouches.  They've been a bit of a learning curve - I realised the calico I made them out of wasn't quite strong enough, so I've backed it with interfacing. It's been fun playing with the positioning of the pattern on the pouch. 

 These ones have both got starry linings.

I've also been playing around with adding patches to them.  Here's one with a swallow patch.

How about you, what have you been making?  Hope you're having a good Thursday; it's sunny here and my day off, a good combo!

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  1. these are beautiful! adding patches works as well, i think the sparrow is really cute!
    i've been drawing today, i'll post about it in a few hours :)

  2. These are wonderful! You are so talented.

  3. They look lovely... There is nothing like whipping up a few pouches... very satisying :)

  4. really cute! I like the pop of the bright red zipper :-)

  5. wow! what lovely pouches! i haven't managed to make much this week, i did make some pouches a few weeks ago from op-shopped table napkins and other bits & bobs.

  6. these are gorgeous and lovely. make 1 million please.