Thursday, August 9, 2012

My creative space: bits and bobs and creative tips

In my creative space I've been:
Playing around with different uses for things I've made:  
I stuffed one of my owl patches and made it into this stuffy brooch. 
Sometimes he lives on my coat
And sometimes with this little collection of things on the back of the stove.
Drawing a seahorse:
 I'm hoping to put some ink and gouache on it and maybe turn it into a banner for my blog
And reading this book:
It has some great creative tips.  
Today's theme for my creative space is sharing your tips for staying creative and here's mine: 

Fit little bits of creative work into your day when you can.  Draw on your lunch break, crochet on the train, sew on brooch backs in bed - chip away at creative projects in whatever little pockets of time you have in your day.  Sometimes you get the best ideas when you've got limited time but you're doing a bit of something creative.  One of my favourite kinds of creative multitasking is drawing or sewing while I'm doing my market stall.

Right now I'm going to use one of Austin Kleon's tips which is "Step away from the screen" and I'm going to take my seahorse drawing up the road for a coffee.  Looking forward to reading your creative tips over here.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Hey Emily, that brooch is gorgeous......I love owls.
    Great tip for staying creative and I do use those small pockets of time to do all sorts. I always take a pen and book with me, for doodling or writing down ideas.

    Hope you enjoyed your coffee,

    CLaire :}

  2. Love the owl brooch: )
    And love the advice to step away from the screen! I really need to do that more.

  3. Such a sweet owl brooch. I like it a lot. Cx