Thursday, October 25, 2012

My creative space: pouches and more pouches

 I've been making mountains of pouches this week, for my stall at Kraftbomb this Sunday. 

 They're denim and canvas and they all have screen printed patches.  I've been having lots of fun with that green ink.

I've also been thinking about making myself this garment here:
  It's the two-way stole from this book:
Have any of you made it before?  Looks like it'll be fun as long as tracing the pattern from the pattern sheet doesn't give me square eyes.

Joining in with "my creative space" today over here; happy Thursday to you!


  1. Very sweet little pouches. I love a bit of simple appliqué to add interest. I haven't made anything from the pattern book shown but I've made a couple of other Japanese patterns and they were good. I love the beautiful sculptural shapes that Japanese designs often have.

  2. Your pouches are simply delightful - I bet they are popular at market!

  3. Good luck with your stole, it looks amazing. Bet your pouches don't last long - Love the swallow printed on the black. : )

  4. I love your pouches! I'm a big fan of pouches anyway and yours are so adorable.
    Good luck with the market, I'm sure you'll sell heaps of those : )

  5. I love pouches and yours are just gorgeous! Love the colours, and the graphics/illustrations that you've chosen...
    Hope the market stall goes well!
    Ronnie xo