Thursday, February 7, 2013

My creative space: my type

Those beautiful old woollen blankets with labels like "Onehunga Woollen Mills" or "Kaiapoi" seem to be getting few and far between.  Sometimes you can find some gems at one of my favourite op shops, but they're often relegated to the "dog blanket" bin, holey and a bit manky.  I really love the typography on the blanket labels so I thought I'd set myself a little project of making some blanket label paintings.  I'm only part way through my first one, here it is so far:
Scuse the badly lit after work photo
And here's one of the lovely blanket labels in question
 Speaking of lovely typography, I've got this book out of the library at the moment:
It's got profiles of amazing painters of hand-lettered signs, something that like blanket labels is becoming a bit of a rarity. 
I love these ones, they're by Caitlyn Galloway.    

And my Antarctic Explorers are still touring around the South Island.

Joining in with My Creative Space today over here.  

Happy Thursday to you!


  1. Ooh, loving these, the signwriters art is sadly missed, its great to see a handlettering resurgence.