Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rubbish photos

I had a very welcome day off work the other day and how did I spend it?  Rummaging through stuff like this:
I had heard the inorganic collection was in Avondale, so I grabbed my camera and jumped on the train, hoping to find some good mattresses to photograph.  And I was rewarded with these lovelies!  
Mr. Millicent Crow came along too and was very tolerant of spending hours in piles of rubbish in the rain!  We also had lunch at the lovely Salvation Kitchen, visited the great op shops of Avondale and found a gorgeous 70s sideboard in the inorganics that we were very tempted to bring home.  
 But this pink and red rose number was the find of the day!  I may have squealed when I found this beauty:

More mattress enthusiasts here!


  1. perhaps you might be dismayed but so many times I want to take to those bent soggy roadside mattresses with my stanley rescue such beautiful wovens from wherever they're headed to..where are they headed to??

    1. I'm so tempted to rescue some of that beautiful mattress fabric with my stanley knife too! I've got one in mind up the road that has such gorgeous fabric, and I've half made a plan to leave for work early tomorrow so I can rescue some of that soggy fabric on the way!

  2. I adore those roses! Gah, so awesome!! x Helen Lehndorf