Friday, October 4, 2013

Monkey see, monkey do

These monkeys are all finished and clothed and getting ready for new homes with some friends' new babies.  At the moment they're pretty inseparable, but soon they'll be off to the post office and one will be off to Dunedin:
And the other one crossing the ditch to Melbourne:
So they're going to have one last cuppa together:
Show off the tail holes in their overalls (one of my favourite parts of the pattern):
And pop off to the post office.
Safe travels little monkeys!

They're from Fiona Dalton's great book Hop Skip Jump: 20 Eco-Friendly Toys to Sew and are the "Monkey Man" pattern, the same as this one.  The wool suiting they're made out of is some that I got in the great "Postal Stash Rehash" and the faces are the last of an old woollen blanket that I've got so much use out of.  Must scour the op shops for another blanket that's seen better days!  And make a monkey to live at my house...I'm thinking black polka dot overalls to match one of my dresses!


  1. eek, love these little guys! so, so cute (love the octo-monkey from your other post too)

  2. Thanks Ngai! I was so tempted to sew all the monkey legs onto one head and make a permanent octo-monkey!