Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Light as a feather

 Still playing around with feather's one I finished on my lunchbreak today and coloured digitally.  Might paint it these colours and turn it into a collage!


  1. Dearest miss Emily
    words are not the best at the moment I can't begin to understand what you and your family must be feeling but this wee message comes with all our love and gratefulness to have had the real privilege of Sam staying with us and performing for us in Okarito, we looked forward to every performance and considered it such an honour that such a talented gentleman would want to come play in our small village.
    I wish one day we can meet Emily, Sam spoke with such love about you and your work, I will always wear my Huia badge with you both in my heart.
    biggest of hugs to you and your family
    arohanui ed, Rich and monty xxx okarito.

  2. It would be nice to see it as transformed into a collage! I suppose the feathers will glitter even more!