Saturday, October 30, 2010


One of my achievement objectives for our trip to Wellington was to visit the op shopping mecca of Putaruru, where 10 cent fabric nestles next to jars of marmalade. I wasn't disappointed. I left town with:
A skirt that wouldn't look out of place on Miami Vice. The waist is only about big enough to fit around my leg, but it has...potential.
A gorgeous pillowcase that is crying out to be made into an obi kind of belt. Or left as a pillowcase.
Two giant pieces of grey fabric that were 10 cents each. I'll probably make them into a dress to other grey dress.
A suit (this is just the waistcoat of it) for Mr Millicent Crow. This is his second Putaruru blue suit. Who said I'm the only one that owns multiples of all my outfits?
The gaudiest togs. I was very restrained and didn't buy the other 3 pairs of gaudy togs. I wonder if these were worn in a beauty pageant by Miss Putaruru 1971?
A ratty old comfortable denim skirt. Nothing a bit of surgery with the overlocker won't fix.

Probably a good thing the op shops of Levin had closed by the time we got there!


  1. Did you on purpose make it so you can't tell that the badge on my flash new waistcoat is the cover of Led Zeppelin's seminal fifth album 'Houses of the Holy?' Thought so.

  2. Genista has those exact togs, you guys should go on a beach outing together, you'd look so cute in matching skirt togs!

  3. Wow, that's awesome! We could pretend we were on some kind of floral '70s swimming team...