Thursday, June 9, 2011

My creative space

Another week, another bird woman, with a crow this time. I'm working on a few of these at the moment and I'm going to make them into cards, collaged with old fabric. I was really excited to find this fabric on an old mattress in the inorganic rubbish collection over the weekend, and ended up with *ahem* 74 photos of it. And a little strip of the fabric. Just in case!
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Happy Thursday to you!


  1. I love the frabric and the drawings Em. And do you think I could fo my hair like that? Must try it. xx

  2. Ha obviously meant to write 'do' not 'fo'. But I think it works as a verb. Just off to fo my hair darling.

  3. Thanks! I reckon you could definitely do your hair like that...I do mine like that at home sometimes! I flick it over my face, twist it into a kind of loose ponytail and tuck the ends in and pin them. Probably a whole lot of hairspray would be handy too! x