Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My creative space, a runner duck, a giveaway

Have you ever read Duck, Death and the Tulip? It's a beautiful but slightly disturbing kids' book, featuring my favourite kind of duck, an Indian Runner. These ducks have been described as "a wine bottle on legs", "the closest thing to a penguin" and "a bowling pin." I decided to have a go at drawing one this week and here it is:

Which reminds me, I've still got a crazy-coloured duck skirt that's way too small for me that I need to do something with. I'm getting a bit of a collection of skirts that need to be turned into other things!

I picked up my new "A Little Bird" series of greeting cards from the printers on Monday and I thought I'd have a bit of a giveaway. I've got a pack of these cards up for grabs (one of each of the designs pictured below) and I'll post them anywhere in the world. If you'd like to go in the draw, all you need to do is leave me a comment telling me something that you collect. Me? Green china that looks like it's made of leaves, green cardigans, royal memorabilia, Crown Lynn swans, old photos...
I'll draw a winner next Thursday evening.

To see other people's creative spaces take a look over here.

Happy Thursday!


  1. I couldn't help but get a little excited when I saw your gorgeous Indian Runner drawing as we have these lovely ducks and I ADORE them. Your likeness of an IR is so sweet and special, you have captured their nature so well. Will you be selling this in your shop? Let me know, nice to visit your blog by the way xo

  2. Your duck drawing is beautiful! I love your greeting cards, too. I collect buttons and vintage dresses and would love to go in the draw for your giveaway! :)

  3. Gorgeous drawing, i think you have captured them perfectly

  4. I used to collect teddybears and gemstones and jewellry and other trinkets, but I have given all of these away in order to simplyfy my moving. The only thing I still keep (and collect) are ordinary stones, because they act like memory holders for me.
    as for the skirt: I would definitely try to add an elastic waistband. You can buy broad, stretchy pieces of fabric for exactly that purpose in millinery shops, that might look a bit nicer than just an elastic band.
    much love

  5. i love that book- 'death, duck and the tulip.' dark in the best way. my kids are intrigued by it.
    your cards are lovely! so is your drawing.
    i like collecting cream ceramic jugs. and glass bottles. and so many other things...!

  6. Lovely cards! Must be so exciting to see something you've made produced in that format!

  7. I just thought I'd leave a comment to thank you for your kind words on my brooches (the stitching took me sooo long!), and now I see that I can enter this gorgeous giveaway at the same time! I collect framed flower embroidery, crockery and have recently also developed a thing for old fabric.

  8. Thanks for your comments so far; it's so interesting to see what other people collect!

    @ Beck - That's so cool that you have Indian Runners! I would love some but we live in a very duck-inappropriate house. I am hoping to put it in my shop in some form; I'm trying to decide if it should become a gocco print, cards...will let you know.

    @ Yaga - thanks for the skirt advice! That does sound like a better idea than just putting an elastic band around it.

    @ Melissa - I'm glad you love 'Duck, Death and the Tulip' too, it's such a great book! That's cool that your kids are intrigued by it, I was wondering what children would make of it...

  9. I clicked over from our creative spaces because your duck image is so enchanting! Apparently that book is not easily available in the US so I'll have to look into it more. Hmm, I try not to collect much, actually, because I have three kids with their own packrat tendencies and an aversion to dusting knickknacks. Can I say I collect ideas, especially ideas of awesome things to do with my kids?

  10. Beautiful drawings! I adore indian runners but am not in the position to have any join our family for a while, so it's nice to just enjoy quirky illustrations like this.
    I collect old suitcases and vintage ephemera such as paper dolls, embroidery transfers, and other paper goods. I also love old wooden toys.
    Thank you for your generous giveaway!

  11. Thanks so much for your comments! The giveaway is now closed.