Thursday, July 21, 2011

My creative space

For my creative space this week I really wanted to have a picture of my MA thesis, which I handed in on Monday. It has occupied such a big space in my life for the past year! But I didn't have my camera with me when I went to hand it in, so instead here are some pictures of a mysterious-looking waterlily head I've been drawing:

From the side it kind of looks like Mt. Taranaki!

What have you been making? Take a look at other people's creative spaces over at the "our creative spaces" blog.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Are you serious.. you drew these? They are fantastic!!!!!!!! Clever you!

  2. Lovely illustrations :) Good luck with your MA thesis! K

  3. Beautiful illustrations...they'd look great on fabric don't you think? Good luck with your thesis, bet thats a load off your shoulders :o) xokate

  4. Aren't they the most alien looking things! All the best with your thesis.

  5. Love! My mum collects these and displays them in bowls in her home!!