Thursday, February 2, 2012

My creative space: enemy of the capsule wardrobe

This dress pattern. It's ruining my ambition to have a capusle wardrobe, with only 24 items of clothing cleverly mixed and matched. I thought for today's creative space I'd do a bit of a roundup of the 6 (!) dresses I've made from this pattern.

This was the first one I's rustly and very synthetic and is fantastically fast to dry.I made this one to wear to a wedding. It has a matching belt and is a bit like a '70s couch.
This is the one I wear all the time. It's made from grey wool crepe and it used to have (wonky) pockets. This one's my go-to cheerful dress for wearing when I'm doing my market stall.

I made this one to wear on New Year's Eve. I need to do some surgery on its seams but I love the way the fabric looks like it's covered in stones. This is my most recent version; it's a thin cheery cotton summer dress.

Hmm, that capsule wardrobe might not happen anytime soon. I've got plans for a plain green version and a crisp linen version too! Speaking of collections, here's what's going on in my drawing corner this week - lots of drawing of collections for my new zine:Hope you're having a good Thursday; to see more creative spaces head on over to the "our creative spaces" blog.


  1. Such cute dresses! I'd love to see a round up of your capsule wardrobe if you manage it. Seems like something I'd like to aspire to... (perhaps when I ditch the maternity and feeding wear?)

  2. What beautiful dresses! I'm always on the lookout for nice dress patterns so will have to check it out. I can't decide if the beautiful green 70's print or the yellow & grey one is my favourite :-)

  3. i love your dresses, the ones with patterns in the fabric in particular, they seem to suit that type of dress really well. i like the idea of a capsule wardrobe so i will need to read more about it on your blog. is the pattern for your dresses available on your blog? (sorry i haven't had time yet to look more closely). but i did have a look at your felt shop and i'm really taken by your illustrations. you are very talented.

  4. I tend to think the capsule wardrobe is a myth...who wouldn't get bored after a while?.....particularly like the last dress!

  5. Gorgeous dresses - I have no aims to aspire to a capsule wardrobe I love clothes and variety too much! these look great. I'd love to see one on.