Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My creative space: shells

I've acquired a bit of a shell collection - the small ones are perfect for carrying in your handbag for a bit of drawing practice on the run - and I thought I'd paint some of them for my new zine. They're watercolour on watercolour paper and were definitely a challenge to draw!

I think I'm going to paint two more collections for my zine - commemorative teaspoons and...hmm...any ideas for the other one?

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Happy Thursday!


  1. They're really lovely, you've captured them perfectly!

  2. well done you these look so gorgeous I cant wait for your zine to go to print. I am working with driftwood at the moment it has such great texture and curves, you may like to collect a couple on a beach stroll for some sketching? They seem to dance.

  3. i agree, hard to draw, but yours are great.

  4. the shells are lovely - I remember my mother had a pair of the spotted ones when I was little....wonder what happened to them?