Thursday, May 3, 2012

My creative space: lunchtime drawing

I've been trying to squeeze in a bit of drawing in my lunch breaks this week, so I've been taking my sketchbook to work and collecting leaves to draw when I get a chance:

 I worked on this drawing in stages
 Finished it at home
And trapped some more leaves in my sketchbook to use later on.

How about you, when do you steal moments to make things?

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Happy Thursday!


  1. What a good idea! I have a small sketchbook in my bag all the time, it's my idea book too. Not long ago while my daughter was in her gym class I was struck by the geometry of the underneath of a flight of stairs and had to sketch all those fascinating interlocking triangles...

  2. Gosh you are dedicated to getting some drawing done... it's great! I wish I had time to draw... unfortunately I can never seem to get to it... to many other things to do... argghh :)

  3. nice Emily, I am loving the fallen rusty red leaves at the moment. Autumn is leaf a plenty

  4. Oh they are beautiful drawings. I used to steal time to hand stitch whenever i was a passenger in the car (until my hands got so bad i couldn't sew) & love lounge craft, watching television is such a waste of time. Happy drawing, love Posie

  5. What a peaceful way to use your lunch hour - inspired by your drawings