Tuesday, May 28, 2013


 Thanks to BBC Homes and Antiques magazine, I have learnt the word "vintiquing" - when you have a minibreak and look at antiques in adorable small towns, preferebly with cobbled streets.  I did a more budget version in the weekend, which I've decided to call "inorganicing," where you wander round the streets taking photos of the rubbish people have put out for the inorganic collection (and maybe spot some treasure).  These beautiful yellow trees made it more picturesque:

 And there was a bit of a yellow theme going on with the things I found.  I liked this beautiful bungalow window without a house attached to it:

 And this beautiful 70s sun umbrella with raggedy tassels. 
How about you, do you enjoy a spot of inorganicing?


  1. please tell me you grabbed BOTH of these !?! they're amazing

  2. Unfortunately I haven't got any space for them so they had to stay by the roadside, but I did fantasise about using the window as part of a gypsy caravan, and having a great summer tea party under the umbrella! I hope somebody else snaffled them up!