Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Roses in a rush

 I photographed some mattress textiles in the inorganic collection on Sunday, but I was greedy for more.  I started to feel a mild panic that the start of the working week, leaving in a hurry, coming home in the dark, would mean that I wouldn't have any more photo opportunities before the rubbish was taken away.  So I decided that I would have to multitask, turn an early morning run into a mattress photo session, and that's what I did this morning. 
 If I looked weird taking photos of old mattresses before, I must have looked a whole lot weirder taking photos of them at 7am in my stripy running leggings (thank goodness I wasn't wearing the leopard-print headband that is often part of my running costume)!  But I was rewarded with the photos of this blousy blue rose fabric (above) and with not a moment to spare.  As I was running home the rubbish guys were driving down the street and collecting all the inorganic rubbish.  Whew!

Oh and here are some I photographed in the weekend.  You can see some of my other mattress-photographing endeavours here and here and other people's here