Saturday, July 13, 2013

Why hello old friend

I've just been reunited with my childhood toy mouse, who has been languishing in my parents' basement for many years.  His name is Icecream Ears because back in the day the insides of his ears looked like fresh scoops of icecream (these days they're more of a French Vanilla shade).  His lolly-coloured shirt has always made me hungry:

And I've always loved the fact that his pants have a special tail-hole:

Here we are when he and I were much younger:

Welcome back old friend!


  1. awww most adorable blog post of all time! what a cuuuute wee mouse, with THEE BEST name :) ....makes me try to hunt out my long lost childhood buddy too

    1. Thanks Sarah, hope you can be reunited with yours!