Monday, July 29, 2013


I was working on Saturday so I didn't get to go to the Zinefest, but I was lucky enough to stay at the Leigh Sawmill on Saturday night, where Mr. Millicent Crow was playing with Great North.  And seeing as we were driving through Matakana, we decided to take a look at Fossick.  Fossick stocks my zines, but I had never been to the shop before, and was excited to find it filled with beautiful taxidermy, maps, glittery cardigans and miscellaneous animal skulls.  They describe it as "A little bit vintage, a little bit gothic, a little bit industrial, a little bit Golden Girls" which is a good combo!   
Here's my zine, tucked away in a beautiful set of drawers

It also had coffee to fortify us for the drive back to town, and a good selection of magazines, very important!
So although I was sad to miss the zinefest, it turned out to be not an entirely zine-free weekend for me, and if you ever find yourself in Matakana and  in need of a copy of My Magpie Eye then head for the old dairy factory!

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