Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Swiss cheese and yellow leaves

 Most winters I seem to get around to doing some knitting just as it's starting to get warm again, and this week I've been making a swiss cheese scarf.  It's a bit wonky, but it's going to be turned into a cowl, so hopefully some of the wonkiness will be hidden in folds.  Very importantly, it's helping me stay awake through TV shows and movies; I have a bad habit of getting too relaxed and falling asleep halfway through, no matter how suspenseful the show!  And it matches these yellow leaves I've been hoarding - they're going to become a painting like this one and this one

Hopefully I'll get the scarf and the leaf painting finished before Spring gets here!


  1. Scarf looks exciting. fab colour Em

  2. Thanks! I seem to only ever knit green things so it's fun to be using a crazy shade of mustard!