Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Wayfaring stranger

 February so far for me has been all about playing my ukulele around the South Island with The Bitter Years - I've travelled from Invercargill to Picton and many other places besides.  I've met a miniature horse that's allowed inside the house, participated in a mystical wedding and played songs to the regulars at Formerly the Blackball Hilton until 3 in the morning.  But one of the parts of the tour I was most excited about was visiting the Grainstore Gallery in Oamaru, where some of my prints are stocked.  Here is a little peek into the beautiful gallery, and spot some Millicent Crow bunting and prints!
No rest for the wicked; I am heading off to Splore this weekend to help with some creative embellishment in the Sew Love Tea Do sewing tent.  More on that soon!

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