Monday, August 16, 2010

New dress

Look at this dress. Hideous, isn't it?

I made it in the weekend, but decided to lose the blue and yellow splotched fabric.

Much better. It's a little bit of a sack, but a ribbon around the waist takes care of that.

Maybe not that tight!

Having tested it out on my 50 cent op shop fabric I think I'll make another version in something a bit more flash. It was really easy to make, only 2 pieces, and I didn't bother lining it, just put a bit of bias binding around the neckline to finish it. I am pleased to report that the sewing rage was minimal.

Do you want to see the other shimmery yellow outfits you could make from this pattern? Here you go:

I might give those shiny copper-coloured trousers a miss!

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