Friday, August 6, 2010

A Friday giveaway

Seeing as it's Friday I thought I'd have a little giveaway. I've got a Millicent Crow prize pack up for grabs, with one of my red "Sampler" gocco prints, a kowhai seed patch and a feather patch. Here are some closeups:

I'll post them anywhere in the world. If you'd like to enter, just leave me a comment below telling me one of the little quirks that you have. I'll get the ball rolling. One of my little quirks is that I ascribe colours to numbers, letters and days of the week. So Monday is blueish, Tuesday is light green, Wednesday is dark green, Thursday is a funny shade of orange...
They call it synesthesia. My sister has it too; some of her colours are the same as mine and some of them are different.

How about you?

I'll draw a name out of a hat next Friday to find the winner.

Good luck, happy weekend to you!


  1. I talk to myself an awful lot, but that may be more of an annoying habit than a quirk. I also use punctuation in text messages. Not very exciting I know!

  2. I concur with Monday, Wednesday and Thursday but disagree on the point that Tuesday is light green, it is most definitely a yellow day. Hilarious. I remember ascribing these colours to days way back in primary school, and they have stuck right through to today. In terms of other quirks, I find myself at a loss as to which to start with... 1) I swill cold water around my mouth untill it reaches mouth tempurature before swallowing. 2) I eat pieces of popped corn individually with a squirt of either tomatoe sauce or mustard (rather time consuming). 3)I hold my breath when driving under bridges or passing graveyards. 4)Some mornings I will sip alternately between a glass of iced water and a cup of (hot) green tea. 5)I prefer to sitting on the floor to sitting on a chair. 6) I shake my hand in a flapping motion and occasionally run around in circles if I have eaten too much wasabi with my sushi (embarassing when in public). 7) I can't shower without washing my hair (yes I wash my hair everyday). 8)I have two distinct syles of handwriting - one for formal uninteresting university note taking etc.. and the other for self expressionary, more creative tasks. 9)I think skipping is more efficient than walking but only do it when no one is watching 10)I can't walk past a house which has flowers and or fruit overhaning the footpath without freeing a handful or two... Ok so that about does it for the quirks I could think of off the top of my head... yes there are probably more... but I guess thats the beauty which makes us all interesting.

  3. I always must finish stairs with my left foot. Sometimes it involves some very fast counting!

    I guess this is more OCD than quirky...


  4. I often look like I'm paying attention to things when really I'm not - is that a quirk or a flaw?

  5. I'm obsessed with removing hairs and anything white from any dark clothing that I'm wearing. I often have to try really hard not to remove hairs from the clothing of other people in the street. Sometimes if I'm talking to people I don't know very well, I have weird compulsions to throw my drink in their face, or suddenly scream loudly. If I'm somewhere up high, I picture myself jumping off and falling to the ground, not in a suicidal way, just a kind of curious 'I wonder what that would feel like' way.

  6. I don't like wearing sports shoes as they make my feet hot so I wear crocs to the gym... lime green ones....

  7. I make funny burping sounds when I yawn (while intaking breath, amazing!) which also sometimes make my tum rumble. Apparently Sas does it too but I've never heard anyone else doing it. Also I'll always eat a whole peanut or cashew over half one.

  8. Mr. Bond Street Bridge is sleeping on my floor. I don't know if that qualifies as a quirk. So far, he does not:
    a. snore
    b. grind his teeth in his sleep
    c. wake up at really annoying times and ask me for coffee.

    Points all round.

  9. One I have noticed recently is that I always walk around the house when I brush my teeth; I can't seem to stand still in front of the mirror for more than a few seconds.