Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thank you

Firstly, thank you to everyone who made purchases from my Felt shop in the month of April. It meant that I was able to make a donation to the Red Cross Japan Earthquake/Tsunami appeal on Sunday night.

Thank you to the op shop gods who helped me find:

An old postcard of Dunedin...

One of Oamaru...
I love that old bus in the foreground, driving past the Waitaki Electric Power Board.

And a new fella. Sorry Mr. Millicent Crow.

I also found a mother of pearl starfish brooch to replace my other mother of pearl starfish brooch (I know) that is missing a few tentacles.

And speaking of brooches, thank you to Susie from Flowerpress who is organising a brooch swap, exciting! You can find out how to enter here or click on that button over to your right.

How about you? Had any good op shop finds lately?


  1. I think my new op-shopped Fox Mulder jacket makes me more than a match for your new fella.

  2. I dunno, his jacket's pretty sharp...