Thursday, April 28, 2011

My creative space

For the last couple of weeks my desk has been covered in leaves in various states of decay and autumnal colour. I have a map in my head of places around town where there are leaves of a particular shape or colour in case I have to replenish my supply...must remember, corner of Williamson Ave & Millais St there are some heart-shaped ones that are turning red at the moment.

I'm drawing them for a project I'm working on at the moment, the cover of Mr. Millicent Crow's forthcoming album. This has been accompanied by challenges like "Make that leaf it's got a halo around it!"

Here's a sneak peek:

Looking for leaves has reminded me that I've always loved this building in town that's covered in ivy and is like a barometer for the seasons. Right now it's a good place to find autumn leaves. To see other people's creative spaces have a look over here...


  1. Absolutely stunning! I love how you capture the beauty of autumn in your art. Good stuff!