Friday, April 22, 2011

Smash palace

If you've accumulated a china collection, you're bound to have some casualties. My broken china shelf in my kitchen looms over me, a constant reminder that some day, some day, I should get round to turning all those pretty and colourful and sentimental shards into a mosaic. In the meantime, here are some mosaics that I've photographed for inspiration...

I'm sure I recognise that leaf plate!

...and that teapot lid!
Maybe I shouldn't worry about having a broken china collection. I heard a guy on the radio last night talking about his beer can collection. Apparently when you collect beer cans you drink the beer out of a small hole that you puncture in the bottom, so that you leave the tab on the top intact. But that collection wouldn't be so easy to turn into a mosaic.

Happy Easter!

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