Thursday, April 14, 2011

Silhouettes and a mystery fruit

I found these beautiful leaves with holes in them the other night when I was walking home. I loved their silhouettes with the last of the light shining behind them. Then I found this beautiful mystery fruit. It looks like one of the fruits in The Arrival. Does anyone know what it is? I thought it might be a little pomegranate, some kind of guava...or something from outer space...


  1. I'd say it's a small baby pomegranate, it's a beautiful colour and so shiny! My neighbour has a pomegranate tree that reaches over my fence... not tempted to scrump tho - never could get myself to like the blighters!! Looking forward instead to the lemons on my tree ripening... eventually!! ;)

  2. How beautiful, could almost pass for a giant purple rosehip xox

  3. Thanks! I'll have to keep an eye on the plant and see what the rest of them turn into. I must confess I've been eating lots of my neighbour's guavas that hang over the fence!