Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Inspiration's a funny old thing, isn't it. I came home from the post office today with both hands full of plants I wanted to draw and put them on my desk next to the dead praying mantis and butterfly also in the drawing queue (I shouldn't confess to the time I kept a dead bird in the freezer for drawing). I love saving things to draw later, but it can make for a messy house! I also save a whole lot of pictures for inspiration...I used to glue them into my sketchbooks, but that made the sketchbooks too fat, so now I keep them in scrapbooks, a whole lot of jumbled up collages. I thought I'd give you a peek at some of my scrapbook pages:
How about you? Do you have particular ways you organise the things that inspire you?


  1. I love your scrapbooks Miss Crow. Can we see some more pages soon?

  2. ...and never mind about the dead bird. My dad used to keep dead ferrets in the freezer that he had found on the road. Sometimes he would bring them out for us to pat and them wrap them back up and put them away again. I think you and he would be able to share some exciting creative ideas! Now I always associate the smell of chest freezers with that musky ferret odor.