Thursday, October 13, 2011

My creative space and Queen Anne's lace

The other day I made myself a giant doily brooch, something I've been meaning to do for ages.

I trimmed the middle out of an old doily that was shaped like an eye and sewed it onto some black fabric that I had reinforced with interfacing. I then sewed that onto some black wool felt (that was a beret in a previous life), also reinforced with interfacing, and sewed a brooch back onto that. Here it is on a jacket to show its size:

On this green silk fabric (soon to become a green silk top) I reckon it looks a bit like that plant Queen Anne's lace.


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Happy Thursday to you!


  1. I agree it does :) Gorgeous lace brooch too!

  2. looks great, love the fact that it's big :-) pretty cool that it's made from reused fabrics too!

  3. what an especially lovely idea! thank you for sharing - vicki xo

  4. Oooh I do like a nice doiley and a brooch............great idea, looks fab.