Thursday, October 20, 2011

My creative space and a giveaway

For my creative space today I thought I'd have a bit of a giveaway. I'm always looking for good old-fashioned names for the characters in my drawings and paintings, so my giveaway today is very similar to this one I had earlier in the year.

This time I need some names for some gentlemen I've been drawing, so if you'd like a chance to win a copy of my new zine, Denizens, all you need to do is suggest a name I could give each of the numbered dudes above. You can use the numbers to show which one you mean, e.g. 1. Albert, 2. Eustace, 3. Ormond, 4. Jasper. I've got five copies of the zine to give away and I'm happy to post them anywhere in the world.
I'll draw five winners out of a hat next Wednesday evening.  Good luck!

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Happy Thursday!


  1. Oh what a fun game!

    1. Cornelius.
    2. Ignatius. He SO looks like an Ignatius.
    3. Osborne.
    4. Horatio.

  2. Wow, what amazing looking characters!
    1. Charles
    2. Emmett
    3. Augustus
    4. Bernard (couldn't be anything else - has a striking resemblance to the Bernard out of 4 Weddings!!)

  3. 1. Austin.
    4.Theodore "Teddy"(ladies man - I can tell!)

  4. 1. Definitely a Gideon :)
    2. Horace
    3. Sheldon
    4. Gerald

    I have the same problem finding names for my 'Nana' chickens :)

  5. Alrighty...1) Bertie 2)Dempsey 3)Reginald 4)Alsalvador...he seems Spanish to me?? Like a ladies man! xx

  6. Okay:

    1. Claus
    2. Edmund
    3. Chester
    4. Thaddeus

    P.S.: My word verification was begoggl, which also has quite the old fashioned sound to it, me thinks.

  7. here's mine:

    1. Neville
    2. Archer
    3. Nathaniel
    4. Rodney

    this was fun :-)

  8. 1. Arhur
    2. Gregor
    3. Montgomery
    4. Willem

  9. It was tough to narrow it down to 4, here you go:

    1. Conor
    2. Johanus
    3. Ebenezer
    4. Marco

  10. Hi Emily! Thank you for your comment :) cant wait to see the polka dots that sounds fun. now for your four boys here hmmm....

    1. Sheldon
    2. Charles
    3. Rupert
    4. Julian

    I am loving all these names I have read in the other comments - good luck choosing there are some good'ns ... Ebenezer ! love it!