Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My creative space

In my creative space today I've got a couple of bits and pieces. First up, these two - a practice for some paintings I want to do:
At the moment I'm calling them Pearl and Abe. Pearl is pretty no-nonsense but she's got a heart of gold. Abe likes playing practical jokes, although they sometimes backfire, can't relax unless the house is tidy, and has beautiful penmanship. They're done with ink and a bit of watercolour.

And this is a sneak peek at a skirt I'm making using a giant version of this feather print. I had to make one of the pattern pieces out of a piece of lunchwrap, so fingers crossed it works! I'm always a bit nervous about using my silk screen for things that have to be right the first time - I'm finding it a bit hit or miss, but it seemed to work ok this time. I'm actually making two versions of this skirt, but one without the feather so it won't look like I'm wearing the same skirt every day!

What have you been making?

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Happy Thursday!


  1. loving that feather print! so cool

  2. Wowee - what amazing synchronicity!
    I've just popped a post onto Kirsty's creative space about working with feathers and I open up this post and voila a gorgeous feather print skirt.
    I can't wait to see the finished product.

    Happy day!

    Felicity xx

  3. I love the pics and that they've got personality - gotta love a man who cant relax until the house is tidy!!!