Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My creative space

In my creative space today I've got a few updates. Remember this drawing? The other night I turned it into a multicoloured gocco print:
It was my first go at gocco printing using more than one colour at once...after 10 or so prints the colours started blending together a bit so I think next time I'd put some sellotape or dureaseal between the images to keep them separate. I think it'd be fun to have pyjamas with this print on them!

And remember these owls? I've turned one of them into a brooch, which I think Mr. Millicent Crow is road-testing today. I printed the owl onto calico then sewed it onto some wool from a scrappy old blanket. I put a couple of layers of interfacing in the middle to strengthen it.

Here's another picture of it just because I love that old "Flight luggage" logo.

And remember this feather skirt I was making? I completely stuffed it up. But hopefully I'll make another one soon.

What have you been making? Pop on over to the "our creative spaces" blog to see lots of other people's creative spaces.

Happy first day of Spring (or Autumn if it's Autumn where you are)!


  1. i just found you right next to my link at "our creative spaces". so that means for today we're next door neighbors :)
    cute drawings! i like that style!

  2. The gocco print looks great.. I have always wanted to give it a go :) Looks like lots of fun!

  3. nice print and the owl brooch is lovely :) i made a skirt this week :)

  4. happy spring Miss Crow! love your work here. my friend in Aussie loves owls should I have waited?? hehehe. Thanku for the feather, well received today :)

  5. Hi Emily, Great to see your Gocco fun. I'm working on some new designs to print up myself, it's so so addictive. Particularly LOVING your owl badge, he's fantastic!! x

    ps. Thanks for your sweet comment over at mine, sorry it's taken me a while to get back to you, I've been AWOL for the last couple of weeks working working. : )

  6. love the print and owl brooch! sorry about the skirt, hope you can make it work it's such a beautiful design :-)