Thursday, November 3, 2011

My creative space - black and white and polka dots

My creative space today has lots of polka dots and black and white.  I finished this dress yesterday, it's from my old faithful dress pattern, Vogue 1923, from the '90s.  I didn't have quite enough fabric so I had to do a bit of a jigsaw with the back!  It's a bit more A-line than the many many other versions of this dress I've made because I took the pattern up on the shortening line before I started, a step I usually forget.  I just realised it matches my polka dot stockings!  I wonder if I should wear them together.

 I think it's going to be a cheery summer staple.   

Speaking of black and white, look at what was in my letterbox this morning!  There's going to be a whole lot of stamping on fabric going on around here.  I played around this morning with stamping leaves directly onto the stamp pad which made some nice ghostly prints. 
And speaking of polka dots, this fabric is next in my sewing queue.  It's a piece of cotton/silk that was the skirt of a voluminous dress in a past life.  I think I'm going to make it into a breezy summer top.  
What have you been making?  

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Hope you're having a good Thursday!  


  1. Love your polka dot dress... very cute and cheery! I think the polka dot stocking would look fab with it!!! :)

    I want that green polka dot fabric... LOVE it!

  2. Ooh what great green dotty fabric, I'm green with envy! Looking at your summer dress I'm sure you'll whip it into something swell. : )

  3. Looking good Emily and yay for the stamping!

  4. hi!! yayyy i found ur blog! it was lovely to meet you and ur partner last weekend! I love your work and it looks soo marvelous in the shop.. talk soon i hope :) xkim