Thursday, April 19, 2012

My creative space: a bird in the hand

 This week I've been making a tiny bird painting, small enough to fit in the palm of my hand:
 It's a kind of prototype - one day I want to make a giant painting like this.  The background is acrylic on a tiny canvas that a friend gave me and the bird is ink and gouache on a piece of brown parcel wrap.  I glued it on and varnished over the top to keep the bird secure. 

And I've been tracing the pattern for this dress:
 from this book:
It's called the "too cute tunic dress."  Sounds promising! 

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Happy Thursday!


  1. love your little painting :) especially the colours

  2. What a cute little birdy and I love it with the triangle in the background... great idea :)

  3. Go you! that painting looks fab - and I do love the new house dress style :) lookin forward to seeing some more of your prints on fabric

  4. That painting is really cool. For some reason anything small really appeals to me, especially in visual art. The dress also rocks!