Thursday, April 5, 2012

My creative space: dotty

 I've just made this fabric, that I screen printed the other day, into this spotty dotty canvas tote bag. 

 It kiiiind of goes with my weird spotty dotty trousers.  I bought these on a whim from the op shop the other day in my frustration at finding trousers that fit/are comfy.  I had high hopes for altering them somehow...they're a weird 3/4 length, baggy like pyjamas and kind of high-waisted.  I've got a feeling though, that they might end up being reincarnated as zippered purses rather than a garment...I might just keep on wearing skirts all the time. 
And I just bought one of these.  It's wonderful, even if I am terrified of its sharpness.  

What have you been making?  To see other people's creative spaces, take a look a the "our creative spaces" blog. 

Happy Thursday!


  1. The world needs more dots, Emily. The bag is great! x

  2. A very cute little spotty bag! Love green spots :)

  3. Those big dots are awesome! Cute bag!