Thursday, April 26, 2012

My creative space

 In my creative space today I've got some kowhai leaf drawings that are ideas for part of a fabric design I want to make.  The other parts of the design I've been practising are here.  I was reading in a craft book today about photocopying fruit and using the photocopies to embellish your dinner plates - it made me laugh but I think I've done a version of that here scanning the original kowhai leaf alongside the drawn ones!

I also just learnt how to do a repeat pattern in photoshop - here's one I've been playing around with.  It's my "dots on sticks" pattern I made up a while ago but repeating properly this time.  The green needs a bit of tweaking I think - I'm always searching for the perfect green fabric.  One day I'm hoping to get some fabric a bit like this printed by Spoonflower
How about you, what have you been making?

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Happy Thursday!

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  1. Love the pattern! It's great to be able to make your own patterns and colours for fabric!I really want to get some fabric printed by spoonflower one day too... just got to save my pennies! :)