Thursday, March 22, 2012

My creative space: stamps and a winner

First up, congratulations Art by Wiley, you're the winner of my caption competition! The caption the cartoon is going to have is:

"Okay, who's going to go change?"

Send me your address at millicentcrow at gmail dot com and I'll pop your prize in the post for you!

For my creative space today I thought I'd show you some of the fun I've been having with my rubber stamps. I bought some big rubber blocks from Etsy to make bigger stamps than I'd been able to with the erasers I'd been using.
I drew some gum tree leaves that I picked up on my run (again, I need running shorts with pockets!):
Then I turned them into stamps. I stamped them onto paper then cut them out and rearranged them:
I've also been playing with leaf and feather stamps:

I'm hoping to turn this design into a pattern on fabric to put on some canvas bags:

The dots on sticks pattern is based on this plant:
Hope you've been having a good Thursday! To see more creative spaces head on over to the "our creative spaces" blog.

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  1. Stamp much fun. It's almost magical, isn't it?!