Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rubber stamp ideas

I just bought a huge piece of canvas and I'm hoping to make some stamped canvas bags. I thought I'd design some new stamps to cut out of erasers and here are some stamp ideas I sketched:

I made a gingko stamp but the eraser I used had kind of curved edges so it didn't quite work out. Back to the drawing board with a flatter eraser for that one. I did make myself a new feather stamp and played with it on paper:and on fabric:I should test it out on the canvas before I end up covering my whole sketchbook in feather stamps!


  1. aaah, i love stamps! the feather came out so nicely and i think the gingko is a wonderful idea for stamping!

    Shiny Bubbles

  2. Thanks Yaga! I've been having so much fun with stamping lately!